Happy Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday!

Someone asked me how I can smile and be so happy all the time when so many things have happened to be unhappy about. First of all let me tell you that I do have times when I am upset or sad. I have seen dark days in my life for sure. Maybe some people have the ability to pull themselves out of those dark times by themselves. I do not. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that is the only reason you see me with a smile on my face. I know our time on this earth is short and I know we need to make each and everyday count and matter. You never know what pain someone may be experiencing and a kind word or just a smile might make that person feel better even for a moment. There are times that I feel down and I realize it is only human, but that’s when I start counting my blessings and I name the things I am thankful for. What I am thankful for always outweighs the bad in my life. I think that sometimes we have to look at the situations we are in and find something positive about it. Maybe it made you a more patient person by being in the situation. Maybe it made you a kinder person or more giving. Whatever situation you are in that seems dreadful at the moment, always search for a positive. I bet you will find one. And remember to count your blessings…always.



I have been MIA!   I have not been able to get going recently. Lots of things going on but nothing exciting to share. Just everyday life, which normally I would classify as exciting but I’m  trying to crawl out of a hole over here! Have you ever been in a holding pattern and can’t seem to budge from it? So today I begin my crawl back to the land of the living.  I wonder if people who are positive and live  their life positively most of the  time have more trouble getting unstuck when they do get that way? I’m thinking yes. I’m not talking about depression, I’m talking about creativity. This morning I posted on Facebook to begin the morning with a cup of peace. So peace peace peace I wish you all much peace today.  Go out and enjoy your day and spread some peace around!

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Baby it’s cold outside!


67836_753854891310178_2021636465_nWriters have a habit of hunkering down inside even on the good days to be outside. I am one who thinks I should be outside walking on beautiful days, but instead I usually stay inside writing. Then, on the dreary days I wonder why I didn’t get out the day before.
Sitting outside to write is inspiring and healthy. I’m writing this so I will heed my own advice. Somehow I feel if I write it, I will do it.
Today it’s cold, dreary and icy out. Normally I would think it would be the perfect writing day. I do not feel that way today.
I am craving the sunshine and warmth of a spring day. I think it’s about fifty days away from spring, but I hope it arrives sooner.
Yesterday was a cold icy day and I baked cookies. This week alone I baked a pound cake, a pecan chess pie, sugar cookies and treats for the dog.
You can probably tell I’m from the south by what I baked. I think it’s best I live in the south otherwise I would be baking and eating way too much if I lived in a colder climate. We are not used to freezing temperatures here and when we do get them, they are short-lived and we return to beautiful weather within a few days.

The winter weather has taught me a few lessons. One lesson I have learned is to really appreciate where I live and get out and enjoy the beauty surrounding me more than I have been. I have learned there is a huge difference in being indoors when you can’t walk out outside without sliding on ice, versus being indoors and it’s beautiful out and you can go for a walk if you choose to do so.

I think I now know the true meaning of cabin fever. I have read that it takes longer to hit people who do not get out as much so I know it’s hitting my friends more than I, as most of my friends are like energizer bunnies and they are  on the go all the time. It may be a welcoming break for them, although I think everyone in the country is ready for warm weather.

No calorie counting on your birthday.


On your birthday, I do not think calories should count.  You should  eat anything you want to eat on your birthday. Heck, you should eat an entire cake with ice-cream if you want to. It’s your day that only  comes around once a year until it doesn’t anymore. So… while it’s still coming around (because one day it won’t) eat what you want to on your special day. It’s not my birthday today, but  quite possibly it may be yours.Image

And…I  think I should probably go the gym and workout a million times for even thinking those thoughts about eating an entire cake. (sigh)    What about a birthday cupcake? Yes, maybe the cupcake would be more acceptable. You can eat the whole cupcake and no one will think  it’s  a  weird thing to do and then you won’t have to spend the next few days at the gym in agony about thentire cake you ate on your birthday.  I know it’s someones special day out there. Happy Birthday to someone.