Having Faith


I was thinking this morning about how life is full of troubles and how no single person gets through life without them.  clipart gift of faith.JPG.opt440x280o0,0s440x280It’s all about how each of us handle our everyday struggles that matter. I believe God has a purpose for each and every one of our problems. I think situations happen to us that strengthen us and make us better people because of the issues we may have to face to  get to the other side of our problem. There will always be problems in life. Sometimes God may be trying to get our attention. He wants us to call on him. So instead of thinking, why me? Why did  God let this happen to me? Try to re-route your thinking to this…What can I learn from this?  How can this  situation and what I do to resolve it make me a better person?  I think sometimes God just wants us to wake up and steer us onto another path for a reason. A reason we may not  fully understand until sometime later. We may not be able to know at the moment it happens .  Just think back about something that happened to  you years ago when you thought it was the end of your world. Now think of a positive thing that happened to you because of that incident. Maybe it was a break up of a relationship or a lost job, whatever the situation, I just bet you can name something great that happened to you afterwards. Try to focus on the positive instead of the negative and your problems will seem much smaller. Every day we will face challenges but remember to have faith in God and learn to  lean more on him instead of trying to figure it all out for yourself because we are not capable of fixing things the way he can.   



I have been MIA!   I have not been able to get going recently. Lots of things going on but nothing exciting to share. Just everyday life, which normally I would classify as exciting but I’m  trying to crawl out of a hole over here! Have you ever been in a holding pattern and can’t seem to budge from it? So today I begin my crawl back to the land of the living.  I wonder if people who are positive and live  their life positively most of the  time have more trouble getting unstuck when they do get that way? I’m thinking yes. I’m not talking about depression, I’m talking about creativity. This morning I posted on Facebook to begin the morning with a cup of peace. So peace peace peace I wish you all much peace today.  Go out and enjoy your day and spread some peace around!

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